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*THIS LISTING IS FOR A DEPOSIT ONLY Full price will be confirmed once options decided*

Rockhopper Group of Five Print available in a range of sizes and as a framed or unframed option

Framed sizes:-


This listing is so you can order the picture – exact price will be given once size and frame options are decided.

Framed prints begin at £120 for small size up to £680 for the gigantic extra large size:

Small: exact size to come –  Price £120 – length of actual rockhoppers 28cm


Medium: framed size 61.2 x 48cm – length of actual rockhoppers  40cm – £220

(2.5cm space from subject to mount L & R, 4cm top an bottom; mount 55cm, frame 3cm)


OR length of actual rockhoppers – 47.5cm, 4cm L&R, 6cm top, 6.5 bottom, 6.5cm mount, frame 3.2cm  Price £360



Frame size 86cm x 67 cm.

Length of actual rockhoppers 59cm long Price £480


Ex Large –  Overall Framed size –  108cm x 84 (depending on frame)      Rockhoppers group actual size – 74 length    Visible paper 84.5 x 60cm   Mount – 6cm or 8cm   Frame – 3.5cm depending on choice   Price £680


WE can for a little extra add an extra rockhopper or take one away if you want it to coincide with the number in your family! There is no extra charge for this.


“Buy” this product here.  Chloe will get in touch by email to begin discussion. Once agreed a final price will be given. If you are looking for a specific size or a price in advance please message us at [email protected] for prices

Prints can take time to arrange – timescales will also be confirmed along with quotation.

Collection fine. I am based in the Edinburgh area.


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