Hello. Welcome to the online shop for chloe gardner art. I sell originals, prints, greetings cards, ceramics and cushions and have more on their way.

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Chloe Gardner Art

I am excited about my new website

I am excited about our new website and blog. It has taken me a long time to go through putting all my products on here and updating some of the photography. For any of my long-term customers you will know that I really struggled with my old website. Half of my lovely products were not even on the site. Well HOPEFULLY everything is on here though without doubt there are going to be teething issues! Please have a good look around the site and let me know what you think and please tell me too if you see something that isn’t quite right. Thank you so much.

In this photo I am wearing one of my multistag aprons. It is made in the UK and comes as standard folded and in a bag but it can come in a gift box too. I am a hopeless cook I’m afraid but I do try – especially with cakes!