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A 100% cotton tea towel printed with my feather Rockhopper Penguins repeat design. 70x50cm. Comes packaged in a gift box.

The gift box is lined inside

100% cotton

Machine Washable

Made in Britiain

The process our end: The tea towel is printed and sewn in England. It arrives to us flat in bags of 50 per design. Amazing Fran folds each tea towel for me to show a key part of the design. The boxes are cut out of card somewhere else in the UK too and arrive flat. Elika folds the boxes and she puts in our box lining. We print stickers for the top locally to us in Edinburgh and once Chloe has gone to collect those we put all these elements together to make this beautiful boxed top quality tea towel!

A bit about my rockhoppers design:  The original is made up of two rockhoppers and they are made entirely in feathers using mainly guinea foul but also lots of other feathers too. On the original the top feathers are natural coloured. I use pastels to colour them. Feather work is a very time consuming process as I have to work in layers and can never go back. (Try pulling up a feather with glue on! You can’t. It ruins the feather)  I have no idea who now has the original rock hoppers! Lucky person.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 78 × 48 cm


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