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Pink stag Print

This is a top quality print of a pink stag.

*THIS LISTING IS to order a print. No payment is taken at this point. Full price will be confirmed once options decided*

The stag Giclee Print is available in a range of sizes and as a framed or unframed option. It is a top quality giclee print on museum quality paper.

I do stags in lots of colours. I started doing stags many years ago as a present for my godson. I did four stag shapes and decorated them. From there I started doing stripey stags. I use acrylic paint and rollers. When My children were very young I would get them to mix a new colour and then I would roll it on top in stripes, and then they would add to that paint to make a new colour and that would be rolled on and so on. A stag that started one colour would end up completely different. What is lovely is that these stags have lots and lots of different colours in them.

Framed prints begin at £99 for a tiny size up to £650 for the extra large size.

Framed Sizes:-

Small:- £99

 Medium:-  size coming soon £120

Large:- Size info coming soon Price: £250

Extra Large –

Square metre by metre print or canvas

Unframed :




Extra Large:

A reminder: This listing is to order only – exact price will be given once size and frame/canvas options are decided and payment will be taken once the picture is ready to ship.


Press “Buy” on this listing here and Chloe will get in touch by email to begin discussion. Once agreed a final price will be given. If you are looking for a specific size or a price that is not yet shown above then please message us at [email protected]

Prints can take time to arrange – timescales will also be confirmed along with quotation.

For any local orders drop off or Collection from our studio-shop near Edinburgh is available. Otherwise we have strong boxes and can courier framed pictures nationwide or unframed internationally.


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